Clubhouse Rental

Interior of the ClubhouseThe Advisory Board and Morton County Commissioners have decided to make the clubhouse available to the residents of Morton County with a rental agreement. Also, a set of tournament rules for future use have been developed. A number of tournaments have already been scheduled for this summer along with Women's and Men's golf scheduled on Tuesday and Thursday.

Rental Terms

Clubhouse reservation rules are as follows:

  • The Advisory Board encourages the use of the clubhouse for small social gatherings such as wedding or baby showers, community social or business club meetings, small family reunions, or other similar activities.
  • Sensible guidelines are required to maintain the condition of the clubhouse.
  • Golf Course Superintendent or Staff will schedule the use of the clubhouse which is available for use by Morton County residents.
  • A $50 fee is required for use of the clubhouse.
  • A $100 deposit is required for use of the facilities which will be refunded after Golf Course Superintendent or Staff evaluate the clubhouse for cleanliness or damages.
  • The Golf Course Superintendent may withhold funds from deposit to pay for housekeeping or damage repair.
  • Any disagreements regarding deposit refund will be disputed by the golf course Superintendent and Advisory Board.

Other Rules

  • Golf Course Superintendent or Staff will open and lock the clubhouse for the event
  • No smoking is allowed in the clubhouse
  • Building capacity of 50 people
  • The clubhouse will not be reserved by any group during tournaments
  • Social gatherings should not commence before 7 am and be complete by 10 pm
  • Groups will provide all food, drinks, condiments, dishes and other provisions required for the event
  • Grills are available for use by the group renting the facility
  • Golfers may interrupt social gatherings as they have priority use of the clubhouse during regular hours of play