Area Attractions


The newest city park, Whistle Stop Park, runs parallel to the railroad tracks of Elkhart and covers 23.5 acres. Visitors will find a trail suitable for walking, roller blading, bicycling, or relaxing on benches next to the trail.

Small parks within the communities have their own enhancements. Depending on the park, one may find cooking facilities, picnic areas, playground equipment or tennis and basketball courts.

U.S. Cimarron National Grassland

The U.S. Cimarron National Grassland, north of Elkhart, is the largest parcel of public land in the State of Kansas. Trails allow visitors to see firsthand the native flora and fauna indigenous to the area. Wild turkeys, Prairie Chickens booming, rattlesnakes, elk, and antelope can be spotted among the wildlife of the grasses.

Also included in the 108,000 acres of the U.S. Cimarron National Grassland, are bird watching, fishing ponds, and picnic areas. The Atwood Ponds, also known as the Cimarron Recreation Area, has been improved, it has a campground, drinkable (potable) water, restroom facilities, a dock accessible for persons with disabilities, and a designated group area that can be rented.

U.S. Forest Service Office

USDA Forest Service office, located on U.S. Highway 56 in Elkhart, offers information about auto tours, hunting, and fishing. Stop by the U.S. Forest Service's office in Elkhart and see their display of the numerous fossil bones that have been found. They were sent off to be studied and found most of them to be camel bones.