Morton County, Kansas 1025 Morton St., Elkhart, KS 67950-1116 Phone 1-800-697-4807

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Address:  580 Rd. 16, Elkhart, KS 67950; Telephone:  620-697-2592

Morton County has a crew of 20 employees, they are responsible for maintaining the county road system, which consists of 123 miles of blacktop and 357 miles of gravel roads.  This doesn't include the roads on the Grasslands, which consists of over sixty miles.

We have a gravel pit and a caliche pit the materials are retrieved from, the gravel pit is quite an interesting place, they have found numerous fossil bones, which were turned over to the Forestry Department.  They sent them off to be studied and found most of them were Camel bones.  The U.S Forest Service has set up a display, which can be seen at their office in Elkhart, of the various bones around the Fullerton pit.  It is really quite an exhibit and would be well worth the time to stop by and view it.  Our asphalt season is in the summer time, every year we pave several miles of road and seal the roads that were paved the previous year.  Throughout the year we gravel the other county roads, school bus routes, mail routes, ect.

We have 8 semi trucks, 6 tandem trucks, 7 blades, 2 dozers, 5 loaders and an assortment of asphalt equipment.  We have our own shop mechanics who are responsible for keeping all equipment in good running condition.  They also maintain vehicles for the Health Department, Sheriff's Department, Landfill, Fire Department, E.M.S., and Courthouse.

We are very proud of our employees and our road system.  Our roads are superior to those in surrounding counties, as you know if you have made a trip to Liberal lately, and our employees are a very good group of people who do their best to keep all roads safe and smooth.

The county road crew also clears snow from several parking lots in town, such as the Hospital, Health Department, Senior Apartments and the Airport runway, as well as our regular roads.

Seems like we always have enough to keep us busy!

Our county shop is a state of the art shop, if you have never been out to visit please stop by sometime for a tour.

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