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Morton County Register of Deeds, Stephanie Sinclair - Register of Deeds, Stacy Stroud Deputy

The Office of the Register of Deeds has been entrusted to provide the people the most effective form of government we can achieve.    It is our duty to provide accurate information, and to record and preserve the records in our custody.    It is an honor and privilege to serve the Citizens of Morton County.    We hold that trust sacred.

Fee Schedule of the Register of Deeds

The Register of Deeds office is now excepting Electronically recorded documents through Simplifile and CSC.  If you would like to E-record a document, you need to contact Simplifile to set up an account.   You can contact Simplifile at 1-800-460-5657 or and CSC at 1-866-652-0111 or  We are also offering remote access to documents by subscription.  To set up a long term account you will need to contact our office and for short term access, refer to the web link in the miscellaneous fees below.  The fees for all online access accounts are listed under miscellaneous fees found below. 

General Recording Requirements Documents presented for recording must be originals, signed and properly notarized, and of sufficient legibility so as to produce a clear and legible reproduction.  If a document is judged not to be of sufficient legibility, such document shall be accompanied by an exact copy thereof which shall be of sufficient legibility to produce a clear and legible reproduction and which shall be recorded contemporaneously with the document and shall be counted as additional pages (K.S.A. 28-115).  The Register of Deeds may reject any document which is not of sufficient legibility.

Filing fees (which are set by state statute) must accompany all documents for recording.  A minimum of a 3" (three inch) margin at the top and 1" (one inch) at the bottom of the first page of documents presented for recording is required.  A 1" (one inch) margin at the top and bottom and ½” (half inch) margins on the sides of each additional document are also required.  This area needs to be completely blank.  If sufficient space is not provided for the necessary recording information and certification on a document, such information shall be placed on additional sheet and such sheet shall be counted as a page.

If the name or names of any signer or notary public are not plainly typed or printed under the signatures, the Register of Deeds shall charge and collect a fee of $1.00 in addition to all other fees provided in this schedule (K.S.A. 28-115).  All deeds and affidavits of equitable interest are required to be accompanied by a Kansas Real Estate Sales Validation Questionnaire unless there is an exemption clearly stated on the instrument.  If using a one-part questionnaire, you must include instruction page.

More information may be found at the Kansas Register of Deeds Association web site. The Register of Deeds office is a recording office and retains land records for public inspection.  We cannot, however, provide any searches of records.

The Register of Deeds shall charge and collect the following fees:

Uniform Commercial Code    Liens    Remote Access to Documents By Subscription
Other Miscellaneous Fees    U.S. District Court Liens Federal Code

Sales Validation Questionnaire:


For recording Deeds, Mortgages or other instruments of writing

For the first page not to exceed legal sized page 8 1/2 x 14
(this fee includes all Tech fees and Heritage Trust Fund fees pursuant to K.S.A. 28-115)
Second page and each additional page or fraction thereof
(this fee includes all Tech fees and Heritage Trust Fund fee pursuant to K.S.A. 28-115)
Recording Town Plats, for each page $32.00
For recording Release or Assignment of Real Estate Mortgage;
  • $16.00 per Assignment or Release
  • Plus $4.00 per page for Tech and Heritage Trust fund fees
    ($20.00 for a one page release or assignment, $24.00 for two pages, etc.)
For filing Notice of Tax Liens under the internal revenue law of the United States ($17.00 Lien fee (K.S.A. 28-115) PLUS $15.00 UCC fee (K.S.A. 79-2617) $32.00
For filing Release of Tax Lien, Certificate of Discharge under The Internal Revenue laws of the United States or the Revenue Laws of the State of Kansas both prior to and after the effect date of this act.
($17.00 Lien fee (K.S.A. 28-115) PLUS $15.00 UCC fee (K.S.A. 79-2617)
For filing liens for Materials and Services under K.S.A. 58-201 and amendments thereto $17.00
For filing Threshing/Husking Liens under K.S.A. 58-203, 58-204 $15.00

Uniform Commercial Code

Original Financing Statement, any Amendments thereto, or for a Continuation statement, K.S.A. 84-9-403(5) $15.00
Separate statement of Assignment $15.00
Statement of Release of all or part of any collateral described in a filed Financing statement, K.S.A. 84-9-406 $15.00
Financing statement as a Fixture Filing subject to K.S.A 84-9-402(5) $15.00
For any Attachment to a financing statement, amendment, continuation; Financing statement of release or partial release (per page after first 10 pgs) $1.00
Termination of a Financing Statement $15.00
Written Information Request per Debtor Name, K.S.A. 84-9-407(2) $15.00
Copy Requests:   A copy of any filed financing statement or related statement, per page $1.00


Discharge of State Tax Lien From Department of Human Resources KSA 44-717(e) $71.00

U.S. District Court Liens Federal Code

LIS PENDENS K.S.A. 60-2201 $5.00
Notice of Release of LIS PENDENS N/C

Other Miscellaneous Fees

Certificate, certifying any instrument of record in the Register of Deeds Office(Plus a $.50 fee per page in office and a $1.00 fee per page if mailed or e-mailed) $13.00
Acknowledgment of a signature $12.50
Copies Mailed, each page $1.00
Copies made in office, not mailed, each page. 50¢
Emailed Copies, each page $1.00
Computer printouts of monthly reports, each report. $5.00
Computer Printout Time, per hour $60.00
Retrieval   $20.00 per hour, $5.00 minimum Charge $20.00/hr
Plats   $1.00 each copied from computer $1.00 ea
Plats From Appraiser's Office 18" x 24" $5.00

Remote Access to Documents By Subscription*

  • for six (6) months – plus 25¢ per copy made
  • for one (1) year – plus 25¢ per copy made
  • $600.00
  • $800.00
Access the web link and pay with your credit card**
  • 1 DAY - plus 50¢ per copy made
  • 1 MONTH - plus 50¢ copy made

  **There will be an additional Credit Card service fee of 4.5% added to our fees
  • $25.00
  • $250.00