Morton County, Kansas 1025 Morton St., Elkhart, KS 67950-1116 Phone 1-800-697-4807

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I.T. Functions

The Morton County I.T. Manager fulfills the rolls of website designer, technology officer, network and systems administrator, and provides technical support for Morton County.  The Morton County I.T. Manager is responsible for providing services and maintenance in the following areas for Morton County:

The I.T. Manager also provides technical support for the Senior Citizen Centers & Morton County Historical Society Museum upon request.

911 Coordinator

The 911 Coordinator is responsible for communicating with vendors & service providers that are involved with our 911 system.

The new 911 system is made up of several pieces:  GIS mapping & data, ALI database, networking, hardware and software.

The 911 Coordinator also communicates with the 911 Coordinating Council and completes reports required by the them.  When necessary the 911 Coordinator attends meetings and various training sessions associated with 911.

Purchasing Agent

The Morton County Purchasing Agent is responsible for purchasing office supplies for the majority of Morton County offices, as well as, communicating with a number of sales representatives in person, over the telephone and via email.  The Purchasing Agent also assists offices with the purchase of various types of equipment and furniture.