Morton County, Kansas 1025 Morton St., Elkhart, KS 67950-1116 Phone 1-800-697-4807

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Morton County Clerk's Office; Office Hours: Monday - Friday; 9am - 5pm;Address: 1025 Morton St., P.O. Box 1116, Elkhart, KS 67950-1116; Phone: (620) 697-2157 Fax: (620) 697-4105

The County Clerk serves as the official secretary for the Board of the County Commissioners.  The Clerk records County Commission meeting minutes and produces written minutes of all Commission Meetings.  The Clerk has various duties relating to property tax levies and tax roll preparation.  The Clerk' Office issues various licenses and permits, including hunting, fishing and trapping licenses.  They are also responsible for elections, voter registration, accounts payable and pay roll.  They are the center of County operations and work closely with all County departments and agencies.