Morton County, Kansas 1025 Morton St., Elkhart, KS 67950-1116 Phone 1-800-697-4807

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Morton County Appraiser's Office Office Hours: Monday - Friday; 9am - 5pm 1025 Morton, Elkhart, KS 67950 Phone: (620) 697-2106

Angela Eichman
Morton County Appraiser

The Morton County Appraisers Office values property for local ad valorem tax purposes.  The office also determines taxable location, ownership, and eligibility for exemptions or special valuation (such as farm land appraised on its agricultural productivity).  Within the time period set by law, a property owner may appeal the appraised value or classification of their property.

Get Information on the Tax Payers Roll, The Appeals Process, Royalty Taxes, Personal Property Taxes, New Income Tax Credit Available to Business Machinery And Equipment Owners, Classification Charts and The Tax Year At A Glance.

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