How do I prepare for an appeal?

The informal hearing held in the appraiser's office takes about 20 minutes. You can designate someone to represent you if you wish by filing a declaration. However, owners usually represent themselves at this level.

It is important to prepare specific reasons and documentation showing why you feel your property is not appraised at fair market value.

For example, bring:

  • Any recent appraisals or sales contracts.
  • Copies of surveys or other pertinent data.
  • Photographs of any structural damage.
  • Copies of recent estimates for repairs.
  • Data on recent sales of property that is similar to your own.

The hearing is very informal so don't be nervous or confrontational. Just consider the hearing an opportunity to make sure the appraiser's office has the correct information and understands your concerns. We promise to do our job in a friendly, efficient, and polite way.

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