Why is the appraisal necessary?

Kansas law establishes the method of appraisal used to determine a property owner's share of taxes needed to support schools, roads and bridges, noxious weed eradication, our hospital, fair, soil conservation, airport, elections, extension work, mental health, library, fire department, sheriff's department, health office, council on aging, ambulance, and historical society to name just a few.  The county appraiser's office is responsible for listing and valuing property in a uniform and equal manner to help share the cost of these services.  But the amount of taxes you pay depends on the budgets set by your governing bodies, such as those set by the state cities, county entities, and schools.

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1. Why is the appraisal necessary?
2. How is an appraisal done?
3. What determines the value used for tax purposes?
4. Why does the value change?
5. When are owners notified?
6. How can I determine if the appraisal is accurate?
7. How is farmland valued?
8. What if I believe the appraised value is too high?