Weed & Landfill

The Weed Department and Landfill Building Exterior

Noxious Weeds

The department searches for and eradicates low acreage noxious weeds (musk thistle, Canada thistle, hoary cress, Quackgrass, Russian knapweed and leafy spurge) within the county, to avoid widespread and economically disastrous infestations.

Noxious weeds, particularly bindweed, Johnson grass and bur-ragweed, destroy thousands of acres of crops in Morton County every year. Herbicide control on these acres results in an average of more than three dollars return in increased yield for every one dollar spent. In many cases, the returns are much higher. Non-control results in the rapid growth of infestations and robs even more crops of moisture and nutrients. It is always cheaper to control noxious weeds than to let them grow in cropland.

Landfill Load Requirements

As we come to the busy time of the year and citizens are cleaning their yards and outbuildings in preparation for the summer, there are a few things that we would like to address concerning loads of waste being brought to the Morton County Landfill.

  • All loads must be covered with a tarp or secured with straps or rope to prevent any of the waste from being lost on the road to the Landfill. If you have a loose load, please take the time to place it in plastic bags and secure it so that it isn't lost out on the roads.
  • All loose loads (loads that may blow away from the pit area, i.e. small plastic bags, paper, feed bags, etc.) must also be placed in trash bags.  If you choose, you can purchase the bags from Morton County Landfill for $0.50 per bag.
  • There is a strict no smoking policy on Landfill property. Once you have entered the gate please extinguish all lit cigarettes or cigars properly! The fire danger is very high and we will be taking the necessary precautions to eliminate the possibility of fires inside our facility.

General Notice to Control Noxious Weeds

Failure to observe this notice may result in the following:

  1. Serving a legal notice requiring control of the noxious weeds within a minimum of five days.  Failure to control the weeds within the time period allowed may result in the county treating the noxious weeds at the landowner's expense and placing a lien on the property if the bill is not paid within 30 days or,
  2. Filing criminal charges for non-compliance. A conviction for non-compliance may result in a fine of $100 per day of non-compliance with a maximum fine of $1500.

The public is also hereby notified that it is a violation of the Kansas Noxious Weed Law to barter, sell or give away infested nursery stock or livestock feed unless the feed is fed on the farm where grown or sold to a commercial processor that will destroy the viability of the noxious weed seed. Custom harvesting machines must be labelled with a label provided by the Kansas Department of Agriculture and must be free of all weed seed and litter when entering the State and when leaving a field infested with noxious weeds. Additional information may be obtained from the Morton County Noxious Weed Department or by contacting:

Kansas Department of Agriculture
109 SW 9th
Topeka, KS 66612